in two hours i’ll be twenty years old and I’ve never felt more alone in my entire life. w o r s t b i r t h d a y e v e r 

Anonymous: If you need someone to talk to, there are people on Tumblr who would love to listen. Hope everything gets better love.

thank you

I feel so abandoned.  No one wants to be around someone that’s so broken and fucked up, and it just makes everything so much worse.

I’m going insane and I don’t know how to stop it.  I’m sucked so far into depression that I don’t even know what to do. I’m so lost.

It happened that night at the beach, or maybe it was the countless late nights that I spent with you.  And then you were gone, and I haven’t seen you since, and I’m still heartbroken, and I still think about you everyday, and when everyone else goes away I feel so alone.  I’m so sad and I just want to feel something other than sad.  Trying to fill the void but it’s just empty conversation and forced affection, which leads to more disappointment.  So you lay in bed with this unconnected body, wondering if you’ll ever find someone so perfect again.

Anonymous: You're beautiful, inside and out. Don't stay down to long princess

Thank you, I really needed that.

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